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Top 6 Reasons Why We Love Our Beds

Love Our Beds

Love Our Beds

Beds – we spent a lot of our life, albeit asleep, yet many of us still crave that feeling of getting into bed above many other aspects of life.

So just what is it about our beds that makes them such a haven?

  1. Comfort

Get your mattress right and that feeling when you lay a new bed is undoubtedly pretty much unbeatable. Quality modern mattresses put your body in the perfect orthopaedic position so that comfort is assured, not just desired.

  1. Your Own Space

Whereas in other parts of the house it is now impossible to keep things solely to yourself, in the majority of cases, where you sleep in your bed is your own personal space that is untouched by other people. In a stressful and ever busy world this takes on extreme importance.

  1. Memories of the womb.

You spent nine months becoming the person you are today before you even hit fresh air and that safe, cocooned feeling is echoed when we are lying in our own beds.

More than any room in the house, the bedroom is your haven where should someone want to enter, a polite knock at the door is a simple thing to ask. This means that when are in our beds we feel we can have quality ‘me’ time, your own children obviously excluded!

  1. Our own taste in decor.

Our bedrooms are about our personality more than any other place so when we are lying in our beds it is the place we feel truly ourselves.

  1. They make us feel better.

When we are really not feeling at all well, resting in our beds is a must more than a want. Extra rest and sleep are essential for the body to restore itself to full working order with the bed been a receptacle that provides us with the ability to do this.

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