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Top 10 tips for sleeping in heat

sleeping in heat

As cold Winter days have turned into warmer Spring days and even the promise of hotter Summer days on the horizon, bed time turns from snuggling under a duvet for supreme comfort, to working out how to stay cool in bed when the heat is truly on.


When the days are hot and hazy, consider keeping curtains and blinds shut. If you have been on holiday abroad where the inside of traditional style houses are dark with minimal windows, there is a reason! Not letting the power of the sun enter in helps to keep the home cool. Remember that the sun moves throughout the day so you may want to open some when that side of the house is shady and vice-versa.


An old wives trick maybe, but spraying water on the sheets before you get into bed lowers the temperature, making it feel more comfortable for getting off to sleep initially. Use a water spray such as you use for plants and make the water as cold as you personally like. Keep it near throughout the night for a quick refresh.


You may prefer a snuggled-up sleep with a partner, but when the heat is on, try keeping your distance. Body heat creates more warmth than you think – and if you have a pampered pet that sleeps close too, it’s time for them to stay as far apart as possible also.


Try and keep electrical heat low by plugging out as many items as possible. Even a phone nearby will generate a certain amount of warmth so keep items on a bedside table and turn off as many lights as possible.


Use a hot water bottle in the winter to keep cold? Well turn this idea well and truly upside down and fill with ice-cold water instead. Place in a freezer if you dare!


Cotton is known to absorb sweat so thin cotton sheets and cotton nightwear are the best solution to a dry and comfortable night of rest. Wearing nothing may be tempting but actually wearing a thin layer can help cool things down.


Choose a quality mattress. As well as helping to keep you in the optimum sleeping position, higher-priced mattresses are made from higher grade materials that are specifically designed to help in extreme climates. Click here for theluxurybedco range.


Ditch the idea of a hot drink before bed helping you to drift off. In fact, forget heavy food too and drink water and eat fruit and healthy snacks if the munchies strike.


Cool the room down prior to sleep by opening windows and/or using a fan. Keeping windows open and fans on during sleep can create noise and distraction so using them before is a good compromise.


Remember that heat rises. If you have the option of sleeping downstairs, you may find things are a whole lot cooler!

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