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Luxury Sleeping in the Outdoors

As the weather starts to take a turn for the better, for some of us, the lure of fresh air makes us think of sleeping under the stars, being at one with nature and enjoying the sense of freedom and excitement.

But as a lover of luxury in your life, does sleeping outside have to mean experiencing life at a back to basics level?

Today’s camping is far from the stereotypical scouting style tent of yesteryear with its green fabric outer, taut rope supports and sleeping only in a wafer-thin sleeping bag laid down on soil. Indeed, today’s campers can be far more discerning, demanding home from home comfort and assured accommodation with no chance of being rained on, crawled over or just having a thoroughly miserable time.

Here’s a rundown on what’s new in the world of glamorous camping (clamping) just in time for that much-needed summer break…

Sleeping in the Outdoors

Tree Houses

With all the excitement of childhood, treehouses are becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy the outdoors. As long as you have a head for heights, this is a great way to sleep outside without the fear of creepy crawlies around your ankles and brings you the ideal mix of luxury and good old-fashioned fun!

Going back to your youth can never be a bad thing and as treehouses are accessed via mostly sturdy bridges, they are great for all ages too!

Star Domes

For the true romantics out there, who have long dreamt of a night in the stars, the reality is the here and now.

Star domes let you look out, whilst ensuring nobody can look in, meaning you can lie back and star gaze without fear of peering eyes.

Perfect for lovestruck couples, families with children as well as aspirational astronauts, this is luxury camping combined with ticking boxes on your list of things to do before you die.


Recycling comes in many forms, including making sure that all those old train carriages, countryside huts or unused gypsy caravans never go to waste.

Perfect for enthusiasts, as well as those with a quirky sense of fun, whilst exteriors can look far from luxury, step inside and the interior picture is quite different.

House IN the Hill

Remember the Teletubbies and their houses built into hills?

Well, the new trend is accommodation built into the hillside, creating something different on the landscape and bringing a feeling of getting a great big, warm hug from the earth itself.

Hidden away from the rat race, this accommodation is ideal for those who truly relish peace and quiet away from, quite literally, everything and everyone.

Safari Tents

So, you may not be able to have saved enough money to make it to Africa this year, but you can still have a taste of the exotic with the new trend for safari tents.

Generously sized and often placed on stilts for a more permanent fixture, these bring a great mix of the outdoor camping life with the luxury you deserve.

Perfect for larger groups due to their size, who needs wildlife when you can lead a wild life instead?

If you just want the luxury of your own bed, then see our range of signature luxury beds.

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