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Fill your bedroom with floral excellence

floral excellence

Flowers never fail to disappoint, and in a bedroom situation, create a certain feeling of relaxation, softness and dare we say it, even romanticism.

So how can you blend your love of all things floral with a stylised look that is tastefully decadent?

From curtains and blinds to bedding choices, the trend for the floral can be respected in many ways, depending on your individual sense of style and desire for embracing the daring.

There is no need to re-decorate or change a whole room, especially if your current décor theme is currently verging on the subtle. Let your bed’s frame stay neutral then perfectly add in some floral enhancement with scatter cushions. Whether you want a strong floral display or just a mere etching of the trend, there is currently a wide choice of cushions that are following this look. With the current trend being open to an eclectic mixing of different styles, shapes, sizes and colours, get the most out of this style by simply choosing what you like. Expressing your personality in this way means that you carry off the look by simply having the inner confidence to throw caution to the wind.

Curtains or Blinds

Look out on to nature whatever the season or weather by choosing curtains or blinds that are having their own floral display. Again, the really stylish way to go is to blend the bold with the subtle and use the vibrancy of flowers to enhance as opposed to dominating. Blinds and curtains come in a choice of either a strong, dominant floral look or a subtle splash of stems, with your style personality likely to be the decisive factor in your ultimate choice.


Bedding is a fairly easy and cost-effective way of respecting a new trend. As our walls are very often subtly decorated, our beds can often take a strong look without the need for a whole room image change.  Back in the ‘80s, female colours dominated with little thought or respect for your male bed-partner, but now the choice is designed to be more unisex. From a small amount of designer-touch embroidered blooms on a throw to full-on coloured blooms, the look is warming and spreads an inevitable feeling of positivity.

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