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It’s getting too hot in here

too hot sleep

It’s getting too hot in here – serious keeping cool sleeping tips

With the recent run of hot weather showing no signs of diminishing, for many of us, getting a good night’s sleep is far from easy.

Here are the LuxuryBedCo’s top tips on keeping cool when the nights are far from it.

  1. We’ve said it before and will say it again – choosing a mattress is of the utmost importance when it comes to a good night’s sleep. As well as the obvious level of comfort you receive, a breathable mattress does exactly what it says on the tin – breathes – helping the air circulate and keeping things feeling fresher.
  2. Consider covering your mattress with a protector. Not only will this help keep sweat from penetrating the mattress, but today’s versions also encourage things not to get as hot with antibacterial properties absorbing any excess moisture.
  3. Cotton covers, cotton pyjamas, cotton it is, or at least a natural material that lets the body do its thing without overheating more than is necessary.
  4. And talking of cotton, however, tempted you are to get into bed with nothing on, wearing pyjamas that she keeps you cooler due to its determination to battle against heat absorption.
  5. A fan is an obvious thing to have in your bedroom when it’s hot but investing in one that is worth its weight in gold is a definite bonus. Go for the most expensive your budget can buy and position it away from yourself as odd as it seems, that helps the air circulate around the room more and gives you a greater effect.
  6. Invest in a water spray such as you use to water plants and give your sheets and bedding a good going over before you get into bed. This offers an immediate coolness that will help you get off to sleep easier.
  7. Consider keeping curtains closed in the day as this helps keep the heat out and the coolness in.
  8. Warm air rises, so if you truly are struggling to get to sleep, it’s time to grab your pillow and head downstairs. Your partner may not thank you, but your sleep pattern will.
  9. Yes, there is such a thing as a chilling pillow, often used for medical purposes but brilliant when it is hot. If your head is cool, the rest of your body will thank you too.
  10. Avoid leaving electrical items switched on when not necessary as this generates extra heat in a room. Items such as laptops and phones create more heat than you think, especially when attached to a charger.


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