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About Us

Luxury Defined

‘A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’.

And, as bed makers, we somewhat agree…apart from the ‘great expense’ part.

Instead, our definition of luxury comes from the pride we install in our foundations, relationships and manufacturing. This is because these are the things we value the most.

Luxury: we mean it when we say it

Luxury, to us, is a term we take seriously and one we don’t use loosely.

Rather than dressing our beds in designer fabrics for the high street or prepping them for a glamourous photoshoot to enhance their quality, we choose to spend our time, energy and efforts in our products, partners and customers.

After all, glossy catalogues and expensive advertising campaigns, (which essentially leave the customer having to pay more), are not the sort of things that make a bed luxurious.

The Real Luxury

To us, the real luxury comes in three simple forms:

By sourcing, creating and manufacturing our products right here in Great Britain, from the comfort of our very own warehouse, we boast the ability to deliver beautifully made pieces direct to the customer with minimal fuss, at a fantastic price.

With no one to take their cut in-between and nobody demanding royalties, our talented and committed workforce have essentially cut out the middle man. Operating on the values of hard work, commitment and fairness, our team have cemented strong fundamentals.

Due to the fact that we control the whole process from beginning to end, we are 100% accountable for our products, service and customers. And that's how we prefer it.

Continuity in Luxury

The Luxury Bed Co. was established to blow away and dispel the smoke screens of competing brands. In order to continue to do this, we endeavour to maintain our transparency, develop our strategy cautiously and treat our customers fairly. Hopefully, the luxuriousness of what we do and how we do it will shine through and speak for itself.